Prepping for Probably the Toughest Event on the Planet goes beyond a few bicep curls. You committed to a challenge, and to pushing your mental and physical limits, so why halfass any of it? Beyond training, you should be fuelling the machine that’ll get you to the finish line with a balanced diet so you can slam obstacles such as Liberator and Mud Mile like a badass.

Here is your guide on how to fuel before, during and after your Tough Mudder.


You already know what we’re going to tell you, your diet should be stacked with complex carbs, fresh vegetables, and lean protein in order to reach your highest training potential. It’s not that you can’t indulge in some weekend pints, or the occasional spicebag, just do it in moderation, alright? Eating healthy doesn’t have to be a snooze-fest. Find a cookbook and find a kitchen and whip up a healthy salad, be adventurous. If you’ve already got the whole healthy eating thing down down but can’t kick your sweet tooth, why not try whipping up protein-packed alternatives like protein pancakes or energy balls.


Hydration, hydration, hydration. With anything that requires intense physical exertion, make sure you drink a ton of water, seriously. Hydration is key in maximising your energy levels through several miles of mud. The course is packed with fuelling stations – grab a banana, or an energy drink on the go and keep crushing the course – you’ll be happy you did once you hit the next obstacle.


Congrats (virtual high 5). You made it to the finish line, now what? Recovery, that’s what. In addition to a post-event beverage with buddies, prevent muscle breakdown and reduce muscle soreness by downing some Alpha Amino BCAAs. What are those? Just a magical mixture of 14 different amino acids that’ll not only help to increase endurance during your workout, but also help muscles to recover faster after so you’ll be ready when your next endurance adventure presents itself.

Think you can take on the challenge? Sign up for Tough Mudder 2018 and tell your friends.

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