John Storey’s Tough Mudder Journey for charity

It started one evening in January when after a night socialising, John Quinn and I decided we’d do Tough Mudder this year and to do it for charity.  New year, a new challenge – sure how hard can it be?  And sure look we’d rope in my nephew Cian Casey too.

Fast-forward a month and we were reminded that we’d set ourselves the challenge and asked if we were going to follow through, or chicken out?!  When I mentioned it in work, some colleagues were keen to get involved too and others were delighted to support us with sponsorship.  I was thrilled with the support we got so in the end 6 of us registered with Tough Mudder Ireland and then registered with our nominated charity, Down Syndrome Ireland.  We got our sponsorship cards, t-shirts and we were all set to go.  The fundraising was probably the easiest part of the whole thing!

To be honest, we’d all seen the videos online of people doing Tough Mudder and while it looked like a challenge, it also looked like great craic.  How right we were!

We had one injured team member before the day so in the end, myself, John Quinn, Cian Casey, Sean Nixon and Emma Nixon arrived in Loughcrew early on the Sunday morning.  It’s fair to say that when we saw the obstacles in the distance, we collectively groaned!  It wasn’t long before we were taking the Tough Mudder pledge and heading off on the 5k course.  We jogged our way around the course and each of the obstacles were definitely a challenge but they were definitely doable, particularly when your fellow Mudders have your back!  For me, that was the best part – the camaraderie.  You knew everyone was there to support you and give you a leg up if needed.  The more obstacles we completed, the more craic we were all having and the faster we were getting through them.

By the end of the 5k we were wrecked and pumped up in equal measure!  We absolutely had a ball and we’re definitely going to make this an annual challenge – next year we might even complete 12k!



Do you feel up for the Tough Mudder 2020 challenge?

Use the pain to do some good by raising much-needed funds for a worthy cause of your choice.

Check it out here! 


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