What is Tough Mudder?

Tough Mudder Ireland is more than a mud run or obstacle course race. It’s an experience like no other. Imagine being in a huge field surrounded by mud-covered, smirking athletes climbing walls, carrying logs, and dodging wires, cheering each other on along the way. Essentially it’s like being in a playground for adults. Welcome to a teamwork-driven, obstacle-crammed event featuring an array of epic obstacles including;

  • Block Ness Monster (Voted Best obstacle of 2018)
  • Arctic Enema (an ice bath that will chill you to the core)
  • Everest (¼ pipe that requires a good starting run in order to get to the top)
  • Electroshock Therapy (10,000 volts that will bring out moves that you didn’t know you had).

With two routes to choose from, the Classic 8 Mile and 5K both offer participants the opportunity to test their physical and mental strength whilst having fun in the mud and enjoying the camaraderie of fellow Mudders. Tough Mudder Classic and 5k are untimed, so there’s no real pressure only the task of trying to hold onto both shoes! Be sure to make some mud buds, you are likely to meet them again along the way or most definitely in the Mudder Village afterparty.

Can I do Tough Mudder?

Yes, is the answer and you can do it with groups of friends, work colleagues or alone. You don’t need to train for over 10 hours per week or be able to run 10 miles. The average time Mudders train is between 4 to 6 hours per week which is the recommended exercise guidelines anyway and the obstacles are interspersed throughout the course so fear not! Another thing to keep in mind is that if you are struggling you can walk if you have to, embrace the fact that you’re not against the clock, for once. It’s tough, it’s fun, it’s exhilarating and it’s attracting an increasing number of female Mudders year-on-year despite the myths surrounding the event. Statistics show that over 40% of Mudders who took on this years’ challenge were females proving that anything boys can do girls can do better and this number is predicted to rise for Tough Mudder 2020.  To help Mudders of all speeds and distances reach their goals, tailored Training Plans are available here.

Do you need to train for Tough Mudder?

The most asked question regarding the event is ‘do I need to train for Tough Mudder?’. It depends. Mudders can conquer the 5K or Classic 8 Mile with minimal training but for those who put the hard work from the early stages are at an advantage. Mudders then have the ability to push themselves beyond their limits and discover what they’re really made of, pushing further outside their comfort zones. Everyone’s so different. 

How to Train for Tough Mudder?

Tough Mudder is all about collaboration, teamwork and determination aided by endurance and strength. Here are 5 Workout Moves to try out with your gym buddy. If you already exercise regularly with a focus on running, you have an endurance advantage. If not, but are determined to build stamina to finish the Classic, aim to complete one weekly 10-mile run. For Tough Mudder, upper body strength plays a big part and in particular grip strength. Essentially this will carry you over the many challenging obstacles and enhance your overall performance, staying injury-free. The plank is a reliable exercise to boost your overall strength so here are 4 tips on how to perfect your form. 



If you think you are bold and brave enough to take on the challenge sign up today at www.toughmudder.ie. We have faith in you. Now it’s time to have faith in yourself. #toughmudder

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