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So running for miles and lifting weights isn’t your thing. So what? There are plenty of other ways to train for Tough Mudder.

Try out the simple Lucozade Sport yoga workouts below and see how they improve your strength and flexibility – both of which are key to taking on the Tough Mudder Ireland course.

How Can Yoga Help Me Train for Tough Mudder?

Yoga is beneficial in a lot of ways. People practise yoga to relax, find focus, and feel centered, but also to lengthen and strengthen muscles as yoga targets every muscle in the body and improves circulation.

It is also easily tailored to each individual – you choose the pace and the difficulty level.

The Workout

Mountain pose

Chair pose

Revolved chair pose

Low lunge

Revolved lunge

Warrior 2

Side angle pose

Reverse warrior


Half moon

Revolved triangle

Vinyasa through to opposite side

Repeating x2 each side

Workout #2

Mountain Pose – hands raised

Forward Fold

Gazing Pose



Upward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog

Gazing Pose

Forward Fold

Mountain Pose

Remember Mudders, while it is good to push yourself and see progress make sure you stop any exercise if you feel uncomfortable or in pain.

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