It’s common knowledge that exercise increases your energy levels and enhances your mood. But guess what? Being committed to obstacle course racing can provide you with more than just feeling like a badass and crossing seemingly impossible finish lines.

As well as the fitness benefits and the social and mental accomplishment you get from getting down and dirty on an obstacle course, you might feel some benefits in other areas of your life. Doing events such as Tough Mudder can improve your performance at work, according to career coach Marion Brooks. Yep, dominating an obstacle course can make you a better employee.

Brooks states that “Successful employees rely on strong performances, persistence and seek out ways to grow and develop their other skills, and these are also essential parts of the formula to win in the world of OCR.

Here are five ways being part of Tough Mudder can improve your performance at work:

1.You’ll Develop New Skills

Tough Mudder is all about overcoming new obstacles and challenges, and being resourceful enough to use your strengths to their highest potential to succeed. Your Tough Mudder training will involve figuring out what skills you need and how to build them up. What videos are on YouTube that could help? What sort of exercise will you do to get fit? What technique works best?
This willingness to learn and try new things will be an extremely useful in workplace as you are faced with challenges each day, looking at them as opportunities to grow and improve. When faced with a problem, you’ll be able to identify the skills needed and build them.

2. You Become More Disciplined

Being successful in OCR involves time and effort and lots of it. Similarly, being successful in your job involves the same. Going to work and getting by by doing the bare minimum is like going to a Tough Mudder event and skip all the obstacles. You’re helping nobody, not even yourself.
Approach your job with the same mindset as you approach your OCR training – give it your all. When you know you’ve done all you possibly can, you can take pride in your success.

3. Persistence Will Keep You In the Running

If you fail at an obstacle, you try again. Fail again, fail better, until you succeed. You’re almost guaranteed to run into difficulty on the Tough Mudder course, and sometimes the unexpected happens and it’s out of your control, be it an injury, a cramp or a gear malfunction. This is true with work also – things go wrong, shit happens. But Mudders build up their resistance and don’t let a challenge keep them down, and will reap the benefits of this persistence in their careers.

4. Strategy is key

Doing a Tough Mudder requires strategy. Your team need to pace yourselves, think about your pre race diet and ways to work to your strengths as a unit. Even your preparation needs strategic thinking in terms of how you’re going to achieve your fitness goals. When that level of strategization is applied to work also, you’ll excel.

5. Peak Performance Becomes a Habit

You’ll strive to work at your best on event day and you’ll train to ensure that you can. When you’re already used to digging for your top effort, it’ll come naturally to deliver your peak performance in your career too, and all aspects of life.

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