They are here. After hiring our first Chief Obstacle Tester and months of innovative planning, testing and scheming, we can finally reveal the 2019 Obstacles and Updates.

1. Mudderhorn

Scared of heights? Welcome to Mudderhorn, a 25′ climb requiring teamwork to reach the net. This is the tallest obstacle ever in any Tough Mudder course in the UK & Ireland.

2. Augustus Gloop 2.0

Seem familiar? You asked, TMHQ delivered. This mudder-favourite is back, and tougher than ever before, with ADDED WATER. Not enough exciting enough for you? We’ve added three different climbs.

3. The Gauntlet

Mudderhorn may be the tallest obstacle, but The Gauntlet is the longest obstacle of Tough Mudder history.

Testing various aspects of toughness, be prepared for something different, which only the strongest teams will conquer.

4. Black Widow

You’ll need core strength for this web of tightropes over a pit of water. Grab the ropes for dear life as your Mudder brothers and sisters threaten your balance.

It’s Black Widow, baby.

5. Leap Of Faith

You gotta have faith – that’s the most important thing when over coming obstacles.

If you want to stay dry, you’re going to have to take a leap into the unknown. Well, actually, you’re going to have to take a leap into a 6′ water pit and hope you grab the rope.

Only bravery, strength and your team will get you through this one.

6. Spread Eagle

Get ready to spread yourself.

Your balance and core strength will be tested in this one, as you climb 30′ of quivering, quaking and non stop shaking slackline.

Teamwork is key – Lose your balance and your fellow Mudders fall with you.

7. Entrapment

Time to get down and dirty.

Bend and twist your body to crawl through a 30′ obstacle and avoid zig-zagging electrical wires. Stay low – one touch, and you’ll get quite the shock.

8. Hydrophobia

This challenge lives up to the name.

Hydrophobia is a fear of water, but it’s also a Water Pit Obstacle on the 2019 Tough Mudder Courses.

Enter the pit, where you’ll have to submerge yourself under pipes to get through to the other side. Hold your breath Mudders.

9. Texas Hold’em

Leave personal strategies at home and get to teamworkin’.

You’ll need a Mudder Teammate you can trust to hold your hand, bear your weight and keep you balanced on this see-sawing triangular platform.

Practise your shimmying Mudders – you’re going to need to engage your core and shake to success.

10. Tight Squeeze

Claustrophobic? Unlucky.

This obstacles lives up to its name and requires you to drag yourself through a space that’s tighter than your teammate on their round at the pub.


Tough Mudder Ireland cannot guarantee all of the above obstacles will feature on the Irish course. Stay tuned to our social media channels for more updates.


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