Tough Mudder’s Arctic Enema is filled with 2 tonnes of ice cubes and ice-cold water with a wooden divider that Mudders must swim under—the long way.

Forget psyching yourself up for jumping straight in and prepare for sliding down a dark, tight tube into the freezing ice and water. You’ll need to get get your bearings as quickly as possible, only then can you swim under the barrier and head for sweet relief.

Arguably TM’s most feared obstacle and paradoxically its shortest, there are a few small things to keep in mind to reduce your stress on this sultan of suck. So without further ado, here are TMHQ’s top tips for warming up to Arctic Enema.

Top 4 Tips For Surviving Arctic Enema


The first step toward conquering Arctic Enema is a) coming to the full realisation that it’s really, really going to suck and b) knowing that there’s no way around it. At the start line, accept the pain to come by expecting the pain to come, so when Arctic Enema looms on the horizon your mind says, “This is exactly what I signed up for—bring it.”


Physical freezing is inevitable—mental freezing is optional. When approaching Arctic Enema—do not stop—not to rest, not to think, not to test the water’s temperature. By waiting, you’re not only psyching yourself out but those around you too. Be a leader and remember: the sooner you get in, the sooner you get out.


After climbing out of Arctic Enema and onto the descent ramp, quickly look back and see if any Mudders need a hand getting out. Your mission now becomes making sure that everyone behind you spends the least amount of time submerged in ice. Extend a hand and some words of encouragement to Mudders who appear shocked or dazed.


Once out of hell on ice, do not standstill. Shivering is your body’s way of screaming, “Warm me the hell up, so I can function!” When all your teammates have disembarked, make sure to get their bodies moving ASAP. As limbs might feel awkward and frozen at first, try doing a set of 25 jumping jacks before jogging along together.

If you’ve previously conquered Arctic Enema, one of Tough Mudder’s most skipped obstacles, you know that nothing can truly prepare you for the shivering sensations that await you. However, if you keep our top tips in mind, the shrinkage of your ego will surely be kept to a minimum.

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