Taking on Tough Mudder for charity but not sure how to go about it? You’ll probably be trying to come up with original ways to raise funds and grab peoples’ attention to raise awareness of your efforts. Here are five ideas that could inspire your fundraising and smash your goals:

Incentives – Set Targets

Come up with a list of wacky things you’ll do upon reaching a set of fundraising targets. For example:

  • If you raise X amount of funds, you’ll do Tough Mudder in fancy dress
  • If you raise X amount, you’ll wear a body weighted vest on the course, making the challenge ever more difficult.
  • If you raise X amount, you’ll dye your hair orange
  • If you raise X amount, you’ll shave your head before the event

You get the idea. The crazier the better to encourage donations, but make sure your targets and incentives are feasible, because you MUST follow through. Mudders do not chicken out!

Get your Charity Tshirts

There is nothing more impressive on the Tough Mudder Course than a sea of people wearing the same colour. Wear your charity with pride and show your fellow Mudders and spectators why you’re taking on the Tough Mudder Course.  

However, don’t just save your gear for event day. Get your charity tshirts on and get your message out there. You never know who’s looking, and people who are familiar with the charity, and the faces of those involved are more likely to donate. Going out for a run in your charity tshirt reinforces your mission to the general public.

Hold a Sweepstake

Encourage people to guess how many hours you spent training for Tough Mudder, then track your workouts from day one.

Make a table of realistic figures for people to pick from, and then set a price for someone to claim a number. Tot up all your training hours once the event comes around and the winner gets a prize, perhaps donated by a sponsor, or a percentage of the money. The rest of the money raised goes towards your fundraising total.

Get Creative – Make a Video

If a photo tells a thousand words, a video tells a million. You’ll have already thought of using social media to promote your fundraising, but are you getting the most from it?

Studies have found that video is the most memorable and attractive way to interact with people online. Engage your audience with a video showing training footage, a heartfelt message about why you’re raising money for your chosen cause and maybe even recordings from the event itself.

When people see how much work and time your team have invested they will be more likely to donate to your cause.

Hold a ‘Tough Mudder Warm Up’ Event

Let your friends and family put you through the paces and challenge invite them to come round to put you through a Tough Mudder warm up session. You won’t be able to recreate a lot of the Tough Mudder obstacles in your back garden, but there are many ways you can prepare.

Encourage people to donate in exchange for the chance to throw ice cold water over your head in preparation for Arctic Enema, or to carry them around to get you ready for Hero Carry.

Be inventive and open to all suggestions – at a fee of course.


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