Bound by an unwavering determination to do themselves, and their Country proud, Team Ireland is once again braving World’s Toughest Mudder. 

Meet Team Ireland

Team Ireland is made up of Cathal Gorman, Rob Farrell, Ronan Kirby and Tex Ritter. Each of them has a secret weapon skill that will give Team Ireland an advantage.

Rob, Ronan and Tex at WTM 2017


Cathal is a new addition to the 2018 team. A Site Foreman with a steel engineering firm and a cattle farm from Laois, Cathal is a very busy man. He has to choose wisely between training and sleep. This is his first time taking part in WTM but he doesn’t think it will be his last. We will get him to verify that after the event. 😉

Secret Weapon: Cathal has the agility of an acrobat and is phased by nothing.

Rob & Ronan

Rob and Ronan are not just Mudder brothers but brothers-in-law too. From Kerry and Cork, the pair is often spotted running along the path of the Cliffs of Moher in the thick of Winter. Both were part of Team Ireland in 2017 and are hoping to bring home Silver Bibs (75miles) this year.

Secret Weapon: Rob is an experienced climber and his built up his strength from years of hauling Ronan over obstacles.
Secret Weapon: Ronan is an ultra-endurance athlete. He will keep the team going and at the right pace.


Although living in Northern California, Tex is never too far from his Irish roots in Co. Leitrim. Tex is 61 years old and is taking part in WTM to end what was a very busy race season. Having taken part in a 105km mountain race in Slovakia and Ironman Barcelona with Ronan, he is well aware of the level of endurance that is needed to complete something like WTM. Also, nothing stops Tex from reaching his goals or more importantly, letting his team down. In 2016, he took part in WTM while his arm was in a cast. In 2017, he has a broken foot and cut his cast off the morning of WTM in order to compete. He got 50 miles. This year, 2018, he qualified for Contender Status.

Secret Weapon: Tex is an all-around athlete and the team’s motivator.

Team Ireland, made us off Tex Ritter, Ronan Kirby, Rob Farrell and Jacinta Connolly crossing the Finish line at WTM 2017.

All of TMHQ Ireland wish Team Ireland the very best of luck this weekend. Stay tuned to our social media channels for updates on how Team Ireland and Irish Individual, Mark Webb get on over the weekend.



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