The dating game ain’t easy.

We’re sure you think you’ve tried everything, from cheeky chats in the pub to dodgy dates on Tinder. But if you’ve yet to meet the one, it’s time to change up your tactics.

Dying to get down and dirty?

Don’t feel down this Valentines Day. Instead, stop the messing and put a plan in motion to get yourself onto a Tough Mudder course – the place where true love flourishes.

After all, a Tough Mudder requires the same qualities as a successful relationship: teamwork, camaraderie, effort, enthusiasm, and a bit of mental grit. It’s all about overcoming obstacles, so if you meet your match on the Tough Mudder course, you already know they have what it takes. And as an added bonus, chances are they’re in peak physique for the challenge.

Tough Mudder Chat Up Lines

To help you to prepare for your big day out, we’ve compiled some chat up lines that are bound to get you your muddy match. Bring a team along with you, and we guarantee that you’ll all have a good time testing them out.

1. Arctic Enema Ice Breakers

“Hey look – you’re giving me goosebumps.”

“I thought it’d be cold, but you just made my heart melt.”

“I’m frostsmitten – you’re giving me chills.”

2. Breaking Down Berlin Walls

“I’ll swap you a boost for a beer at the finish line.”

3. Mud Mile Dirty Talk

“Your mud or mine?”

“You like it dirty too?”

4. Electroshock Therapy

“Not feeling the spark? Let’s hold hands through Electroshock.”

“Good thing we’re at Electroshock, because when I saw you my heart stopped.”

5. Hero Carry

*singing* “I can be your hero, Baby.”

6. Dead Ringer

“Hey, wanna hang out?”

“You’re a dead ringer for my date tonight.”

7. Anywhere in Between

“Hey, you got a race bib? Cause I need your name and number.”

“Get them to call my emergency contact – I need to tell them I’ve found the one.”

“Got a partner for Kiss of Mud yet?”

Two words: FOOL PROOF. You can thank us at the finish line. Sign up for the 5k or Classic now.


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