Who: Roisin Torney
Team: Team Torney, 16
Motivation: To raise money to fund a life-changing treatment for a local girl
Result: Team Torney raised a total of £3067 which went towards the ‘Help Nicola beat MS’ appeal. They also donated £500 to another local girl to help with her treatment. 

Roisin Torney, 26-year-old from Co. Down took a team to Tough Mudder in 2017 to raise funds that helped two local girls get life-changing treatment.

Team Torney

Meet Roisin Torney, a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach and boot camp coach. Roisin has now completed two Tough Mudders. In 2016, Roisin organised a team of over 30 people to participate in Tough Mudder 2017. The team of 30+ were participating to raise funds for a local girl, Nicola, who suffers from MS (Multiple Sclerosis).


Nicola’s sister, Gillian Rea, said:

“Nearly eight months since Nicola’s transplant she is now pain-free, previously suffering from excruciating spasms. Nicola travelled to Mexico last July for pioneering stem cell transplant and chemotherapy treatment in an attempt to halt and reverse her Multiple Sclerosis. An amazing team of thirty people from Roisin Torney Fitness participated in Tough Mudder Ireland last year and raised a total of £3067 which went towards the ‘Help Nicola beat MS’ appeal. As a family, we are extremely grateful for the fundraising efforts of Roisin and the team from Roisin Torney Fitness.”

Roisin donated the other £500 to one of their teammate’s daughter, Sophia Magee. Emma (her mother) had no idea the team were doing this. The team surprised her with it once all of the money was in. The £500 went towards specialised medical equipment for Sophia, who suffers from Cornelia de Lange syndrome.

Sophias’s mother Emma said this on a Facebook post after receiving the donations:

“This really was totally unexpected and Shane and I and of course Sophia are so grateful for your generosity! I signed up to tough mudder for a few reasons – to challenge myself, have some fun and raise funds to help Nicola beat MS. Never once did I expect that Sophia would be getting this. Thanks again to everyone x”

To find out more, follow Roisin on Instagram @roisintorneyfitness or Facebook: Roisin Torney Fitness. Also, check out what Team Torney got up to in 2017 here.

-TMHQ Ireland

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