Have you done multiple laps?

Started by PaulP on August 17, 2016 in Events

Has anyone done multiple laps on the same day? If you have, what are the technicalities of wanting to do multiple laps? Do you just collect your headband and then head off again? Do you need to register that you want to do multiple laps? Do you have to pay? Do you bypass the starting line pen on your next lap around?

Any response from someone who has done this would be much appreciated!

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  • Reply by MuddyBunz

    This was a topic that came up at our last event. From word of mouth I heard that there is no additional cost, but I don't know about having to register again. And the last take off is 1:00pm so you can't run anytime after that. They don't want missing people on the track. So I'm assuming there must be someone you have to let know so they are aware that you are out there. But I don't know all the details that's all I can tell you. Hope it helps.

  • Reply by brothamudda50

    Yes I have done multiple laps on the same day. Just collect your headband, get some hydration and fuel, and head out again. You just have to start your next lap before the last wave goes, which is usually about 1pm and your all good. They clear the course at the end of the day starting I think around 4pm or 5pm I think. If you want to do muli laps, be sure to start early so you can get in early and go around again. I've had some friends who have done as many as 3 laps in one day. Mudd On!!

  • Reply by PaulP

    Brilliant! Thank you both for your replies!

    We aim to start on the earliest wave but the problem now is, I cant find out when that wave is. I have 7.30am in my head for some reason, probably saw that as an option when I signed up last year but I cant remember.

    Do you know if this is course dependant? Or do all TMs start at a particular time?

    Thank you again!

  • Reply by brothamudda50

    The earliest start times for Sat are usually 8am. Sunday is usually 9am, but the Sunday start times can change too just depending on local laws and ordinances. Mudd On!!!!

  • Reply by Brianjones12

    Does 2 laps in one day count 2 towards you tough Mudder rank or just 1 and how do you let them know you have complete 2 laps?

  • Reply by thomas-utecht-7

  • Reply by thomas-utecht-7

    What I was told was that multiple laps only count to your overall Mudder count if you have registered for each lap. The second lap (or third!) are discounted as if you ran both days. I have not been ballsy enough to try this though!

  • Reply by Tridents

    I managed two laps at Southwest in the UK and Lake Tahoe, Philly and Atlanta this year which was a lot of fun. I aim on going 2 laps at Denver and 3 in Wisconsin and Dallas this year training for WTM. The key is staying fueled up, hydrated, warm and of course having fun and not getting injured!

  • Reply by Dave Wetherald

    I just ran two laps at Colorado. I went back to the starting right after the last wave of the day left and spoke to starting line announcer Sean Corvelle while he was eating a sandwich! I asked about doing multi laps and if it counted toward your rank. He told me that it does! I had just got my 2x band and he told me, "You go out there and earn your blue band!" So I did! The second lap is about 3x as hard and I'm paying for it today. If Sean Corvelle says they count, that's good enough for me!

  • Reply by Dave Wetherald

    Pt. 2 - I also found Coach Theodore Mudhoney standing behind the finishing line after my 2nd completion and told him about my day. He approved and gave no indication that I'd done anything unusual or illegitimate. So my opinion is that if Sean and Coach don't have a problem with it, you're good to go and it counts!

  • Reply by Tridents

    Getting legionnaire credit for doing multiple laps has always been a bone of contention with some die hard mudders. I try to always multi lap and have done so on the last 7 of 10 Mudders but I only consider myself a 10x event finisher. I'm surprised that Sean Corvelle told people that two laps on same day counts. Then again two at Colorado is no easy feat. The official TM rules state something about events run not laps go towards headbands!

  • Reply by johnny-b-burrows

    I always tell myself that im going to run 2 laps ...but i never have lol...Technically i dont think you are supossed to but i highly doubt anyone will tell you that you cant when your there. If you run another lap i say ya it should count towards another band...if not then whats the reason? because they didnt spend more money?? Money shouoldnt be the factor.

  • Reply by stephen4smith

    Yes, I have done multiple Laps and If you have, what are the technicalities of wanting to do multiple laps? Do you just collect your headband and then head off again.

  • Reply by ajedman

    I ran multiple laps at 4 venues last year. After I picked up all my swag and dropped it off at my car (or wherever you choose) I just walked up to the starting area and told them I was doing a second lap and they let me through. Just be sure to find a volunteer at each section (warm up zone, starting line etc) and tell them so they don't make you wait and warm up or listen to the pump up speech anthem etc again. You should be able to just start.

  • Reply by kcjd01

    Everyone is correct, there is no issue with running multiple laps on the same day. There is no extra cost, just finish the first and head back out. The only correction to be made is that multiple laps do not officially count towards your legionnaire status. This is based solely on event days. The TM CEO answered this during a Q&A earlier this year.

  • Reply by thor-metzinger

    I've run two laps, but on two days -- In Beaver Creek when they went all the way up to 10,200ft. -- Insanity. Second Day was cold and drizzle. I was wearing a wetsuit and still shaking from cold. Very rough day. My friend and I were literally the last people on Sunday to come off the mountain -- they were breaking down the tents as we crossed. But Sean Corvelle was waiting for us-- . I don't think I will ever run two laps in Colorado again. HOORAH for those that can -- BRUTAL.

  • Reply by Blueeyesphantom

    As somebody else already said it's free, you can do it all day, but it does not count toward your official legionnaire count.

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  • Reply by jackjunior

    I was told was that multiple laps only count to your overall Mudder count if you have registered for each lap. I also found Coach Theodore Mudhoney standing behind the finishing line after my 2nd completion and told him about my day. Cricbuzz

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  • Reply by Steve Furminger

    I did a second lap at the south London one recently. I asked the guys at the finish line about it and they let me go through and collected an extra headband.

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