With just over a month to go, your training is well underway and the realisation that you’re about to take on the world’s toughest obstacle course may only be dawning.

Regardless of whether you’re doing the 5K or Classic in July, nutrition is just as important as your physical training, and hydration will see you through to the end. We are really proud to sponsor Tough Mudder again this year and everything this now legendary event stands for – Pushing ourselves that extra mile and supporting each other along the way. Lucozade Sport can be a really good support for this journey, before you start and long after you earn that Tough Mudder head band and bragging rights!

Lucozade Sport has been scientifically developed to help deliver the perfect level of fuel and hydration during a workout. It contains 140 calories per 500ml Bottle, 3.6g sugar per 100ml, which is 50% lower sugar than the average soft drink. Lucozade Sport Low Cal has a further 20% less sugar. When you exercise heavily or for a prolonged period, replacing what your body loses through sweat is important.

Read our hydration tips and see how Lucozade Sport makes you made to move for both the Classic and 5K Tough Mudder.

Hydration and Vitamins based on your needs and training

With 50 calories per 500ml bottle, Lucozade Sport Low Cal is ideal for lower intensity training sessions of up to 60 minutes. It provides optimum hydration and Vitamin B3 which helps with normal energy release, before during and after your training. Low Cal comes in our original orange flavour and also in refreshing and hydrating lemon and lime.

Low Cal is ideal for 5K training and also for down days in your Classic training.

The Toughest training

If you’re training for the Classic and doing more intense 60-90-minute sessions, you may need more. Lucozade Sport Body Fuel provides the right balance of carbohydrates and Electrolytes to enhance your hydration and help maintain your performance right through to getting over Everest!

In our iconic orange flavour, raspberry and new lemon and lime flavour, Body Fuel will fuel your body to move more when it counts.

Everyone’s body is different and because of that, your training should be flexible and open so that you discover what’s best for your body. Lucozade Sport Body Fuel and Lucozade Sport Low Cal are ideal for this flexibility as your training develops and alters… See you at Everest in July!

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