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We’re coming to the end of January – the Christmas holidays are a distant memory and our willpower to continue with our New Resolutions is dwindling.

Here are ten tips to keep that motivation up and see your training goals through to the finish:

1. Plan ahead

Organisation is key. As the saying goes, fail to prepare prepare to fail. Come up with a fitness timetable that fits into your schedule conveniently. Have a look at our training guides for some inspiration. Make sure that you gather your gear together the night before so you start off the day ready.

2. Set goals

If you set yourself a goal, you are more likely to succeed. Perhaps having a goal of 8 miles of Tough Mudder awesomeness is just the right motivator.

3. If you miss a workout, don’t beat yourself up. But DO create a consequence

Making yourself feel guilty about missing a workout can create an unhealthy attitude toward exercise. Don’t punish yourself, but do create a consequence to motivate you to go. For example, if you skip a workout you have to put a fiver in a jar.

4. Treat Yo Self

Reward your hard work. Everytime you hit a PB or smash a workout, make sure to treat yourself. And what’s the best reward? A day in the mud on July 20th & 21st.

5. Partner up

Exercising with a friend or partner will hold you accountable and help you to keep up and stick to your training plan. Mix things up by checking out our simple Gym Buddy Workout.

6. Get Jealous

Do you know what’s better than having a workout partner? Having a workout partner who’s fitter than you. Seeing how fit they are will make you push harder to get to their level.

7. Made in the Kitchen

No matter how much you work out, you won’t see any results unless your diet is adjusted to match. Try to keep a good diet with the occasional treat, and you’ll soon see that abs are made in the kitchen.

8. Teamwork is Dreamwork

Those who exercise as part of a team burn double the calories. You don’t have to be a county player for this one – get yourself a team of people to exercise together and make it fun by arranging a bootcamp or a tag rugby session, all with the goal of completing Tough Mudder together as a team.

9. Dress for Success

Treat yourself to some new exercise gear (maybe with the money from your consequence jar). You’ll be more likely to workout and enjoy it if you feel good.

10. Warm Up Properly

Injuries can often be prevented by warming up properly. Don’t let an injury get in the way of your goals.

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