Tough Mudder is all about teamwork. We know that you know this already. In fact, it’s part of the reason most Mudders come to Tough Mudder Ireland.

There’s something about knowing someone has your back that makes us bolder and pushes us to go that extra mile and take some risks. You might have experienced this feeling with a team sport you’ve played or watched, be it GAA, rugby, football – the list goes on.

Here are 5 team sport skills that will benefit you on the Tough Mudder Ireland Course:

1. Having a Common Goal

A team shares the same goal and works together to achieve it. This unifies the individual players into the same frame of mind.

If you have experience playing or watching team sports, you’ll adapt to the mentality quickly, which will make your mission to overcome obstacles a lot smoother – and better craic.

2. Good Communication

If you’ve ever done a Tough Mudder, you’ll know how good it feels to agree in unison during the Tough Mudder Pledge that ‘”I put teamwork and camaraderie before my course time”. It’s clear from the outset what the goal is.

By being familiar with this, and you’ll run efficiently and communicate effectively. When hit with a setback, you’ll be able to talk your team through to the other side.

3. Sharing Triumphs

Look at how teams return to the centre of the pitch together after a goal in football. Both teams pause, reset, congratulating or commiserating and mentally preparing themselves for the next challenge.

We often move so quickly from one project or achievement to the next, that we don’t take even a moment to appreciate the hard work that went into it. Tough Mudder is the perfect forum to slow down and take time for others and ourselves.

Celebrate the individual and group triumph of every obstacle overcome – then onwards and upwards onto the next one, strong, smiling and together.

4. Stress Management

The Tough Mudder Ireland Course is a huge playground for you to get stuck into – leave stress behind.

Working as a team in an activity reduces stress, which is why companies are encouraging active challenges to strengthen morale. 

The endorphin release when you exercise, enhanced by the social belonging and joint achievement will energise you.

You can’t control what happens on the course, just like you can’t control some things in life. Part of stress management is learning to accept this. For example, you can’t control how cold Arctic Enema is, but you can control how you react to it… kind of.

5. Perseverance

You have to train. You have to test your limits. You have to give it your all.

A lot can be learned by team sports, in the ways that the players show their determination and focus.

Just like how a team can’t give up if they’re losing a match, you too much persevere and keep going, even if you feel like you’re getting stuck in the mud. Literally.

Choose your team wisely and they won’t let you down. And if you don’t have a team, who cares? Become a Mudder and find your team on July 20th or 21st. 

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