“nothing bonds a team like mud”

Do you think your gym is Tough enough?

Yes? Let’s test that theory. Contact today to register your gym and receive a customised discount code to get all of your team signed up for Tough Mudder Ireland 2020.

Why should my gym take part in Tough Mudder Ireland?

Organising a team to take part in Tough Mudder Ireland can present your gym with numerous opportunities such as:

  • Awareness: Build your brand by being featured on the Tough Mudder social media platforms or by submitting a workout for #WorkoutWednesday
  • Growth: The more hype that is created around your team and Tough Mudder, the more people will want to be a part of it. Use Tough Mudder to attract new members. A pay as you go Tough Mudder specific training class is a good way to attract new gym members.
  • Team Building: By making people come together as a team they will get to know each other more and may perhaps find a ‘gym buddy’. Having a gym buddy makes working out much more enjoyable and if they are enjoying it, they will keep coming back.
  • Goal: Use Tough Mudder as a goal to work towards to retain existing customers and attract new ones.
  • Good Deed: If you being a hardcore god isn’t enough to motivate you, why not team up with a charity and use Tough Mudder to fundraise?


Active Fitness Galway

The Unit Gym Claregalway

Fitlife Studios Meath

Scully Fitness Galway

“Tough Mudder is an amazing team event. We had so much fun not only on the day but coming up to the event in our Tough Mudder training classes. The team really bonded as we prepared for the event and we smashed the course.”

Tom Fahy joined the Unit Gym in Claregalway in January with the goal of completing a Tough Mudder in July. With the help of everyone in the gym and The Unit team, he lost 6 stone and is now a Tough Mudder Legionnaire.

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“We have have a team take part in Tough Mudder each year for the last 3 years, fundraising for various charities. Our team is growing every year. The camaraderie and feeling of accomplishment when we cross the finish line together cannot be beaten. Lifelong friendships have been made in the training, preparations and taking part in the event. We have 1 rule – we all cross the finish line together.”

“Scully Fitness has brought a team to Tough Mudder the past two years and it’s really built up a big group atmosphere in our gym. Everyone loves the weeks and months leading up to the event training and preparing for a great day. Can’t wait to come back with an even bigger team in 2019!! HOO-RAH”

A goal worth working for


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