Our Tough Mudder experience started in the summer when our HR department suggested as part of our Health and wellbeing program that we should get some volunteers for a light 5km jog through some mud and over a couple of fences for a good cause. We got a lot of people on board and started raising funds for our nominated charity JIGSAW who we were happy to help. Sure enough, the day came when we had to earn our money!


We all met up Pallas Foods in our best workout gear as they had kindly organised transport for us all and joined up with our colleagues from Limerick who had also decided it would be a good laugh to attempt it. We hopped on board and began our journey to Tough Mudder, getting to know our colleagues who joined us and coming up with a game plan of how we would approach the day as we pre-fuelled on our kindly donated breakfast goodie bags. We decided to stay as a team and help each other through the course and finish it altogether.

As our bus pulled into the carpark we all noticed the huge cargo net towering above the course and it was at this point where we all looked at each other and realised we may have bitten off more than we can chew here! We managed to all make it off that bus and psyched ourselves up for the challenge that lay ahead of us!


We got our armbands and waited for our group to be called. The time came, and we made our way up to the warming up area. After 5 minutes of jumping up and down, hugging strangers and flopping on the ground like fish out of water we were ready to go (some of us were already knackered at this point!).

We got the green light to go and away we went, at this point, 2 people in our group (no names mentioned) decided it was every man for himself and bolted off into the distance never to be seen again! The rest of us stuck to the game plan and kept in a group which was a good thing as the obstacles we encountered were anything but easy! We started with a nice muddy crawl under some barbed wire which some negotiated better than others which got us nice and muddy for our attempt to scale the huge walls that lay ahead.

We tackled all the obstacles as a team, helping our colleagues over and under, through water baths and mud pits, encouraging them on while also trying not to laugh at the epic fails of others attempting them. We worked surprisingly well as a team and were even helping complete strangers through the course.

As we got close to the end our bright orange T-shirts that were kindly donated to us by JIGSAW were now completely brown as we were all covered head to toe in what we hoped was mud!

Only a couple of surprisingly powerful electric shocks to go and we had completed the course, only to get one more shock as we discovered the free pint we had worked so hard for was non-alcoholic! 😊

We still downed it like it was the best pint we ever had and all of us finished the course with a huge smile on our face and after posing for some photos we made our way to the showers to try and get the layers of mud off where we seen more of our colleagues than we wanted to….

Back on the bus mostly clean and battered and bruised from what we had just gone through and the debrief began of who helped who, who got grabbed where and who accidentally on purpose fell on who. I’m sure we all slept like babies that night and some of us probably cried like babies from all the cuts and bruises. Tough Mudder definitely lived up to its name and we would definitely do it again although we probably should train a bit for it this time around as we didn’t exactly set any records but had a great time doing it.


By Stephen Keating, Pallas Foods

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