With people being asked to limit social interactions and practice social distancing in order to help slow down the spread of coronavirus, an ever-increasing number of people are spending most of their days at home. People are turning to at-home fitness programmes to stay in shape while adhering to safe and proper guidelines.

What else can you do to keep fit and healthy while heeding the new advice about staying at home? So we’ve compiled five of our favourite at-home workouts, all you need is a bit of space and some motivation.

Legs, cardio and strength, you can do it all without fancy machines, let’s get to it Mudders.



In front of the telly, in the kitchen, even in the bedroom this workout can truly be done anywhere in the house. Use your stairs or even a kitchen counter for incline push-ups if you don’t have a suitable chair. 10-15 reps of each exercise and 4 sets is recommended.


If you live in a bungalow this one might be more of a challenge but we’ll hazard a guess that you should be able to access stairs somewhere. For everyone else, this is a great workout to boost your agility and upper body strength. This one’s a bit different, try 1 minute of each exercise and go for 5 rounds.


Squats aren’t for everyone but maybe they will be after this workout. Here are TEN squat variations for you, so there will surely be one you like. Even if there isn’t, remember why we do squats – they give you a great bum. No really, they’ll build your legs and bum while burning fat and building muscle mass, which is pretty great for such a simple move.


Working your legs and getting your heart pumping, this workout is a great indoor replacement for the gym. It requires absolutely no equipment, just make sure you move any beloved ornaments because you’re about to get moving. We suggest 15-20 reps of each exercise, 5 sets and no rests (sorry not sorry).


Being at home is no excuse for not getting hot and sweaty. Try 45 seconds of each exercise, 15 seconds rest and 4 rounds.

Looking for more training content? We’ve got free training guides for both Tough Mudder 5K and Tough Mudder Classic, as well as workout videos and tips and tricks. You’ll be ready for Tough Mudder 2020 in no time at all.

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