Are you finding that your life is getting a little monotonous?

Are you sick of staying in on a Friday night watching the same programmes on replay while eating your favourite take out? Can you look back on 2017 and clearly define a moment where you felt proud of yourself, where you knew this would be a moment you’ll never forget – a moment that you couldn’t wait to brag about to your friends over a well-deserved pint. No? Well we can help you change that.

We can guarantee that when you reach the finish line at this year’s Tough Mudder you will be on cloud 9. It doesn’t matter if it’s the full or half course. It doesn’t even matter how long it took you to do the course. What matters is that you did something different. Tough Mudder does not only challenge you physically but also mentally. It is a place where everyone on the course becomes family. A part of mudder nation. This makes the Tough Mudder course a great and safe environment to conquer your fears.

We’ve seen every type of fear, from a fear of water to a fear of heights. It’s nothing that you can’t overcome with a little friendly encouragement from one of our volunteers or a push up from a friendly fellow mudder.

When was the last time you did something for the first time? #EscapeTheOrdinary

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