The Tough Mudder season is officially upon us so it’s time to pack your bag(s), hop in a car/bus/cab and get moving. You’ve chosen a date and trained your ass off. Now it’s time to pack. You may have a certain backpack in mind, but let’s face it, you’ve been creating a mental checklist of things to remember so you don’t end up on the course without a crucial event day component.

To take worrying out of the game – make sure you bring these 10 things with you and you’ll enjoy a hassle-free day full of mud and camaraderie.

Take note Mudders- This list doesn’t represent what you’ll be wearing on the course. These are things to include in the bag(s) you bring with you into Mudder Village.


This is a given. You’re going to want to walk (or run) into Mudder Village with at least two litres of water. Sound excessive? Better safe than sorry. Just in case you arrive right before your start time, you don’t want to be running around in search of some last minute sips. There will be a few water stations along the course too. As well as that Lucozade will also be on hand to provide extra hydration around the course.


Every Tough Mudder course is different but this is Ireland and you know what that means- mud, mud and more mud. You’ll be guaranteed to cross the finish line with mud in places you didn’t know existed. You don’t have to change immediately after crossing the finish line, after all walking filthily around Mudder Village is an essential component of a Tough Mudder day, but for the sake of the interior of the car, you might want to change before you depart. Changing facilities and showers will be provided onsite to get you back looking your finest. But YOU are responsible for a second pair of socks, shoes, underwear, pants, jumper, jacket, hat, gloves (in case it gets cold in the afternoon which it most likely will), and a towel. You can donate your old clothing or bring them home, which would travel best in a bin bag.


Once your body uses the glycogen stores from your morning porridge and last night’s pasta, it’ll tap into protein chains for energy. Luckily for you For Goodness Shakes are your resident protein expert on event day. Grab a shake and replenish your strength.


For some Tough Mudder events around the globe this section would simply read: sunscreen. But here in Ireland if there’s only one thing we can predict – it’s the unpredictable weather. Of course it’s a good idea to check what the skies might hold in store on the day of your event but we suggest bringing plenty of layers so you can keep warm and a waterproof for obvious reasons. Maybe whack some SPF on your most important bits before you head out the door – if by some miracle the sun does put in an appearance we wouldn’t want you to leave red-faced with a farmers tan, or worse – resembling a human milk bottle.


Print, sign, and bring your waiver to the event so you save time having to get one upon arrival. Waivers are posted on the event page the week of the event. Also, print and bring your ticket and a valid photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport.


Included in your registration is a finisher beverage, T-Shirt and headband. You’ll need cash for parking if you drive, food, a second Erdinger Akoholfrei beer, cool Tough Mudder gear and any other transportation costs you may have.


Whether it’s using a foam roller, tennis ball, or massage stick, self myofascial release can only help you overcome obstacles. Bring your roller, ball or massage bar into the festival area, find a spot with open space, and start improving blood circulation by targeting the glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, upper back, hip, and chest. Overall range of motion will increase by loosening up these muscles prior to the event which will help you reach higher with your arms and legs.


Sometimes you just need something in your system right before an endurance event like Tough Mudder. Almonds, walnuts, pecans, and protein bars are nutrient-dense snacks for munching on before you start warming up. As you might expect battling through the course can really work up an appetite.


Yes, we’re talking about last-minute texts, phone calls and e-mails to family, friends and co-workers to either come run the Tough Mudder with you or watch as a spectator. Your main selling points are trying something new, challenging yourself, drinking and partying afterwards. Plus, the “what else are you going to be at?” argument. The words Tough Mudder are infectious to people of all fitness levels: once someone plants the bug to another and they both agree, it’s hard to convince both of them NOT to follow through with their decision to try a Tough Mudder.


And last but not least the most important thing not to forget to bring to Tough Mudder 2018- a bit of craic! Tough Mudder is all about having fun, being part of something positive, pushing past your comfort zone and finishing the course with a muddy smile on your face. 

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