Do you know who enjoys torturous, tough and wacky obstacles more than the TMHQ Innovation Team? The Mudders themselves.

That’s why TMHQ opened up a Tough Mudder Obstacle Design Competition. This year was the third running of the competition, and things got weird.

Some of the Wackiest Obstacle Designs so far

Infinity Walls

Like a combination of Block Ness Monster and Berlin Walls, except without the water to break your fall when you come down the other side face first. Ouch.


Beat the Bush

This Mudder didn’t think mud and water were enough – so they added in bushes.


Blades of Glory

Hanging from a rotating bar over a pool of water – what’s not to love about this one?



When you took a bath as a child did you ever get scared that you would get sucked down the drain? Making dreams a reality, kids. Or should we say nightmares?

Floating Wall Of Doom

A huge floating pyramid with a slide? Yes please.


But There Could Only Be One Winner

After studying hundreds of submissions and sorting through the awesome, the cruel and the downright crazy, a winner was chosen.

Think of the one fear every human is born with – the winner will make you face the fear of falling.

Tipping Point

Created by Peter Duncan, Tipping Point is a challenge that combines fun and fear.

“Climb up and crawl through a tube which is mounted on a pivot. When your weight passes the tipping point, the tube will tip downwards onto a slippery slope, sending you head first into a pool of water. The challenge in this obstacle is the fear of not knowing when the tube will tip.”


Senior Director of the Obstacle Innovation Lab Nolan Kombol revealed why Tipping Point won the competition:

“There were three main reasons that Tipping Point was chosen as the 2018 winner. It targets both fun and fear elements in a single obstacle experience, it’s a great way of using existing crawl tubes and it features a new and unique balance element that we don’t currently have on course.”

Another thing that gave this obstacle an edge was the practicality of it – this is an obstacle that the Innovation Team will now work on to bring to life. If it’s feasible, you might be seeing it on a course in 2019.

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