Meet Amy Leech and her daughter Rebecca.

Amy has completed Tough Mudder four times, while Rebecca is finally old enough to take on the course, having completed Mini Mudder before she turned 14.

This mother-daughter duo will be taking on the Tough Mudder Ireland course in July 2019, using their training and preparations as a way to connect and work together.

“In a busy house where it’s hard to get a minute to sit and chat, it’s great to take time out together and go for a run and forget about everything else the day has brought and just run and chat,” says Amy.

“It’s important to stay connected with our children as they grow up. I feel running together really helps us both not just physically but mentally too. Ask any runner – there’s nothing like solving all your problems on a run with a friend.”

Motivating Each Other

Training together means that both mother and daughter are held accountable, adding extra motivation to put the work in.

“I like training with my Mam because she pushes me to what I’m capable of doing. She shows me if I believe I can do it I can.

Amy has noticed how her daughter has improved, and it is clear that she is proud of their joint progress:

“I’ve noticed her grow first hand in strength and fitness,  she used to moan so much when running, now she’s completed 5k before I get asked how far are we going?”

Competitive Streaks Are Hereditary

While Amy and Rebecca fully work as a team based on camaraderie and encouragement, there is also a sense of healthy competition between the pair to reach their peak fitness.

“I’m excited to do it [Tough Mudder Ireland] with my Mam to show her up, so she can realise her daughter is better than her in every single way 🤣”

Amy knows she motivates her daughter to push harder in training: “It’s great to train/run with Rebecca because nobody wants their Mam to be faster than them so it pushes her when we run.”

But Amy also wants to make this a challenge. “I better get my act together and start working on my pull-ups again so she doesn’t show me up on the course as she so nicely says.”

Looking Forward To The Big Day

“I’m excited to do tough mudder because it’s my first time and I’m ready to take on the challenges,” says Rebecca.

The excitement is building, as Amy remarks that July 20th and 21st in Oldcastle, Co Meath may be the only time that a mother will encourage her child to climb a 10ft wall or not tell her that she’ll catch her death in the ice bath: “I’ll be pushing her down that slide to Arctic Enema.”

Their sense of humour and determination embodies what Tough Mudder is all about – camaraderie and overcoming challenges using teamwork.

“I’ll be so proud when she’s crowned her first orange headband. Can’t wait to share the experience with her.”

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