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Whether you enjoy working out alone or find yourself wanting a gym buddy, the only way to take your workout sessions to the next level it to find a workout partner that motivates you.

Studies have shown that having a good gym buddy increases motivation and can double your results while making you happier.

The Workout

Here are 5 circuit moves that you and your gym buddy can do anywhere, anytime. Complete three full rounds, resting 1 minute in between each exercise.

Pushup Squat

Partner B holds onto partner A’s ankles, while partner A is in a pushup position. When both partners are ready, lower into a pushup/squat at the same time. Make sure to talk to each other or your timing will be all over the place. Complete 45 secs, then switch.

Side-Five Planks

Both partners get into a high plank position. Make sure to engage your core and alternate tapping hands.

Assisted Pistol Squats

Partners, face each other with your feet hip-width apart. Grab each other’s right hand and raise your left leg. Slowly drop down into a squat.

Plank Jumps

While partner A is in a forearm plank position, partner B jumps side to side over partner A. Complete 45 seconds, then switch.

2.0 Leg Raises

Partner A lies on the floor, holding onto partner B’s ankles. Partner A then raises both legs up toward partner B who will push them back toward the ground. Make it harder: hold a squat position while pushing your partner’s feet away. Complete 45 seconds, then switch.


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