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If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together – African Proverb

There is no ‘I’ in  Mudder. Tough Mudder is all about teamwork – ask any legionnaire and they’ll tell you. It the foundation of Tough Mudder, and the foundation of the Tough Mudder Course Design.

But what is it about a team that makes Tough Mudder and your training THAT much better?

1. Diversity

Many hands make light work, and many minds working together means more creative ideas and faster problem solving, which is a must on a Tough Mudder course. When faced with challenging obstacles it’s all about improvisation and trial-and-error.

2. Accountability

The number one reason for New Year’s resolutions failing is that people have nothing keeping them accountable for the promises they’ve made. A team counters this and ensures that everyone takes part and pulls their weight. This way, people can’t get away with slacking as they are being held accountable. This accountability is a huge motivation for training.

Check out our ideas for a workout with a partner here.

3. Fun

We are social animals and have the most fun when surrounded by people. It’s a case of ‘the more the merrier’ when working to achieve a common goal – no matter what it is.

Whether you’re a lone ranger or a captain of a team 40 Mudders strong, you’re part of the larger Tough Mudder team who will help you to conquer your fears. Remember: far is a distance best covered together.

Want to start building a team? Check out more info here.

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