We have selected 8 of the toughest people in Ireland to be Tough Mudder Ambassadors for 2020.

Each of them has different stories, lifestyles, experiences and methods of getting prepared for the big day. But one thing they all have in common is that they’re TOUGH and they will be on the start line on the 25th or 26th of July.

Will you join them?

Colm Gavin

Age: 40
From: Galway
Headband Colour: Yellow
Profession: Accountant
Course: Classic


A father of 3 very active children, involved in our local clubs such as hurling, football, Ladies football, and Camogie, Colm also plays some Junior C hurling.

I’m not a member of a gym but do try and get out for a run once or twice a week. I have a group of friends that gets together and tries to do a challenge once a month, whether it be an obstacle run, a 5k or 10k run, a mountain climb/walk, abseil. We’re up for anything!

Looking forward to taking on NEW obstacles and of course our favourite Block Ness Monster – or the “Toblerone” as we call it. Not a huge fan of the Arctic Enema.

It’s a great privilege to be chosen to be a TM Ambassador. It’s great to spread the word of this fantastic event that’s open to all ages and levels of fitness.


Ross Mortimer

Age: 29
From: Galway
Headband Colour: Blue
Profession: Fitness Instructor
Course: Classic


Follow Ross’ journey on his Instagram HERE

My name is Ross Mortimer. I am the supervising instructor in Galway’s only 24 hour gym, Active Fitness. This year will be my 4th Tough Mudder event but I couldn’t look forward to it any more than I already am. One of my favourite parts of my job is taking someone right to the edge of where they think their body can go and then giving them the means to reach past it, even if they don’t believe that they can at the time. That’s what Tough Mudder will be for me.

The challenge is what draws me to this event. I know it will be tough but I’m bringing a group with me from my gym and along with the thousands of fellow Mudders there on the day, I look forward to standing shoulder to muddied shoulder at the finish line, looking back at all we went through.

I’ve always preferred the more body weight focused and functional side of training so I’m looking forward to obstacles like “Dead Ringer” and “Blockness Monster” on the day while I am equally not looking forward “Electric Shock Therapy”.

If anyone out there is reading this before they go for their first event and you’re a looking for some advice or tips…I’m right there with you! But having talked to my fellow Ambassadors about these events, I can say with confidence you’re going to fall in love with it. Remember that at the 5 mile marker! So get out, get running, jogging or even walking and I’ll see you on the start line.

Paul McEntee

Age: 26
Headband Colour: Black and Yellow
Profession: Personal Trainer
Course: Classic


Paul jumped at the chance to become a Tough Mudder ambassador because not only is it an event that he was planning on taking part in, it is also a brand that he reckons has the same values as him in its core.

My favourite aspect of Tough Mudder is that whether you’re a seasoned endurance athlete or just starting your fitness journey, there is a Tough Mudder event just for you. This is perfect for me and the members of MAC Fitness as it caters for all of my clients and I can encourage everyone to get on board and take part as a team.

I feel that by taking on the role of an ambassador I am also taking on the challenge to push each and every individual who has opted to take part to be the best they can be; both physically and mentally!

I have to say I am not looking forward to the steep climbing wall and it will be a challenge to get everyone up and over it! But I intend to finish stronger than I started and to leave no Mudder behind.

Keep checking out my MAC Fitness page for training tips and tricks leading up to the event!

Follow Paul’s journey to Tough Mudder through his Instagram.

Paul Minogue

Age: 35
From: Tipperary
Headband Colour: 
Profession: Medical Devices Engineer
Course: Classic


For Paul, being an ambassador is an opportunity to help bring more people into the fitter lifestyle.

A Tough Mudder course has a bit of everything — ten muddy and hilly miles, crawling, climbing, carrying, being submerged, and much more. Getting through such a course is a proper test of someone’s fitness and grit, and so it means a lot to me to be able to really get behind a test like this.

I’m most looking forward to some of the obstacles like Kong or Dead Ringer — I love getting my hands on a set of rings! This will be my third time volunteering too.

I’m least looking forward to Arctic Enema. I’ve been through it many times, and I can never seem to gracefully get in and out of it!

Follow Paul’s journey to Tough Mudder through his Instagram.

Shauna Murphy

Age: 27
From: Cork
Headband Colour:
Course: Classic


Shauna has done 20 Tough Mudders, including three Europe Toughest Mudders.

Tough Mudder means facing and overcoming challenges, setting new goals and meeting new people.

I hope to inspire more people to sign up for Tough Mudder, and to show people that it’s an amazing community to be part of!

I am most looking forward to monkey bars and other upper body obstacles.
What am I least looking forward to? Water obstacles or jumping from heights. And any combination of the two!

Follow Shauna’s journey to Tough Mudder through her Instagram.

Natalie Starkey

Age: 29
From: Staffordshire, UK
Headband Colour: x100 Gold 
Profession: Physical Education Teacher
Course: Classic


Natalie has completed 100+ Tough Mudders, 1x World’s Toughest Mudder, 3x Toughest Mudder’s, 18x Tough Mudder Halfs and 5 Tough Mudder 5Ks.

I experienced my first Tough Mudder back in September 2013 at Tough Mudder South West in Wales. I was not prepared for the challenge that lay ahead and at the time struggled with the 12-mile distance. I also faced my fear of walking the plank, plummeting into ice-cold water and being electrocuted for the first time. After gaining my first orange headband I was hooked and took on my next challenge to get my 10x headband the following year. Over the past 6 years, I have completed Tough Mudder’s across the UK, Ireland, Germany, America and Dubai. I even met my fiancé on course in Ireland in 2015 and have made many friends who I call my ‘mudder family’! I continue to inspire the younger generation into obstacle course running in my lessons working as a physical education teacher.

Amy Kavanagh

Age: 38 
Headband Colour: Yellow
Profession: SNA 
Course: Classic



I did my first tough mudder in 2015 and it opened up so many doors into fitness for me. Before doing TM I didn’t think I was capable of doing half the things I’ve done in the last four years. I’ve got the bug for new challenges now, pushing myself out of my comfort zone, I even stepped into the ring once and have started running half marathons, I would have never thought I could do either until I did my first Tough Mudder. When you overcome something you’ve feared you realise you’re capable of more. Now I’m always looking for that adrenaline buzz, I’ve even gone as far as England, but nothing compares to the buzz of a Tough mudder event. Tough Mudder is my favourite one of all. It ticks all the boxes, if you’re super fit or not so fit you can do this event, it has obstacles that are challenging and the distance is not too long.

There’s a huge emphasis on camaraderie, it’s not competitive which I love. You can spend hours out on course helping others on obstacles, bonding with strangers, challenging and pushing yourself while laughing your head off. Doing TM has helped me overcome a fear of water, each year I got a bit braver and went a bit further in artic enema, with the support of good teammates I eventually went under those tires in that icy water. Now I’m there by the side encouraging others along. I love to encourage people to join up to TM because so many of us have self-doubt and it’s not until we leave that comfort zone that we experience self-belief. I constantly have people asking me “will I be able for that” or ” Amy I really want to do a TM but I don’t think I can” That self-doubt is there even at the start area until they come to an obstacle overcome it and realise I can do this!!! There’s no feeling like it. If anyone is thinking of signing up and is nervous or if you just want to ask me a question pop me a DM on insta anytime @iluvmymadras.

Courtney Murray

Age: 24
From: Laois
Headband Colour:
Profession: Hospitality 



I really enjoy setting challenges for myself, you’d be surprised what you are capable of doing if you set your mind on it. I couldn’t run 10km (still barely can) let alone complete something like Mudderhorn. Before I set off on my very first Tough Mudder, to say I was nervous is an understatement. I began to think, what have I done, how am I going to complete this. When I crossed the finish line I couldn’t book next year’s quick enough. The sense of achievement is indescribable. After completing Mudder 2019, people said to me “You did Tough Mudder?”. They could not believe that little old me at 5ft2 could complete a Tough Mudder Classic. But I didn’t do it alone, that’s what I love about the Mudder legion. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like if you need a leg up someone will give it to you. So if you think you can’t do it, believe me, you can!


Ciara Geraghty

Age: 25
From: Galway
Headband Colour: Orange
Profession: Digital Marketing
Course: Classic


A former Tough Mudder Ireland Employee, Ciara was getting serious FOMO so applied to be an ambassador so she wouldn’t miss out

I have always loved what the Tough Mudder brand stood for: Inclusivity, strength, conquering fears and NO TIMING! I completed my first Tough Mudder last year and although I enjoyed it, I really wish I had trained for it. This year, I am hoping to train more and smash the course. 😀
Surprisingly, PitFall was my favourite obstacle. We had such good craic going through it. I didn’t particularly like Kiss of Mud. I was very slow going through it and just felt sorry for the guy that was stuck behind me. lol
I, of course, finished with Electroshock Therapy but managed to not get shocked so I kind of feel like I cheated a bit? I feel like I need to get shocked to deserve the headband. I’m sure we can rectify that at Tough Mudder Ireland. 
Follow Ciara’s Journey on her Instagram or through her blog


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