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“I was on a team of 4 girls. We knew each other from college and may have slacked off a bit in the preparedness department, but we are all relatively strong young women in our own right. I’m not going to lie, it was very empowering to figure out how to get each other up and over a massive slanted wall.”

TM Ireland Date Change due to Covid-19

Hey Mudders, We know you’re watching the worldwide impact of COVID-19 as closely as we are at Tough Mudder Ireland. Like us, you’re probably feeling a little fatigued by the stress, anxiety and constant uncertainty surrounding this unprecedented situation. Following the recent announcement by the Government, all mass participation events will be banned until September […]


With people being asked to limit social interactions and practice social distancing in order to help slow down the spread of coronavirus, an ever-increasing number of people are spending most of their days at home. People are turning to at-home fitness programmes to stay in shape while adhering to safe and proper guidelines. What else […]

Tough Mudder Continues to Monitor for COVID-19

MUDDER NATION, Tough Mudder continues to closely monitor developments around the world relating to the spread of Coronavirus also known as COVID-19. We work closely with local authorities for our events and note the updates and advice given by local Governments, the World Health Organization and other relevant public bodies. We’d like to assure you that the […]

Top 4 Tips For Surviving Arctic Enema

Tough Mudder’s Arctic Enema is filled with 2 tonnes of ice cubes and ice-cold water with a wooden divider that Mudders must swim under—the long way. Forget psyching yourself up for jumping straight in and prepare for sliding down a dark, tight tube into the freezing ice and water. You’ll need to get get your […]

GREAT DAY, GREAT TEAM , GREAT CAUSE! Pallas Foods 2019 Tough Mudder Experience

HOW OUR TOUGH MUDDER JOURNEY STARTED Our Tough Mudder experience started in the summer when our HR department suggested as part of our Health and wellbeing program that we should get some volunteers for a light 5km jog through some mud and over a couple of fences for a good cause. We got a lot of […]

What Started as a One Off Will Now be an Annual Challenge

John Storey’s Tough Mudder Journey for charity It started one evening in January when after a night socialising, John Quinn and I decided we’d do Tough Mudder this year and to do it for charity.  New year, a new challenge – sure how hard can it be?  And sure look we’d rope in my nephew […]

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The Tough Mudder Experience

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